Working Groups – Convening Cross-Sector Leadership

PBF Advisory Board

The PBF Advisory Board provides strategic guidance and input to LISC and SFF with implementation of the Partnership for the Bay’s Future Investment and Policy Grants. The Board brings together thought-leaders from across sectors and across the region to support transformative housing solutions, and coordinate strategy and collective action to shift the Bay Area’s long-term growth to a more inclusive path.

In collaboration with the Partnership, the Board works toward a shared region wide vision around increasing affordable housing and ensuring vibrant communities of racial equity and economic inclusion and aims to expand and protect the housing stability of up to 175,000 households in the next 5 years and preserve and produce over 8,000 homes in the next 5 to 10 years. The Partnership for the Bay’s Future and the PBF Advisory Board together further the knowledge, interest, and political will among a diverse and strategically selected group of civic leaders, housing developers, business and labor leaders, subject-matter experts, and other key stakeholders.

PBF Policy Working Group

Together we will deploy the resources—the financial, intellectual and political capital—needed to protect tenants, and produce and preserve affordable housing across the region, and provide support for the transformative policies needed to reach our goals.

We aim to protect 300,000 lower-income families who are burdened by high rents, preserve 30,000 affordable homes, and produce 35,000 homes a year, of which 21,000 are affordable to lower and moderate-income families.

Those joining the Policy Working Group commit to the Partnership’s principles and commit to deploying their political capital to advance needed policy change, at the local, regional and state levels.

For more information about our working groups, contact Wendy Guzman-Rodriguez (