Resources for Advancing Equitable Housing Solutions

Reports on How Community-Government Partnerships advance Equitable Housing Policies

We explore and evaluate the policy pursuits of seven local governments and their community partners to preserve affordable housing and protect tenants.

Reports on How Affordable Housing Loan Funds Further Equity

We are proud to have preserved or produced over 3,200 units of affordable housing in our first three years and have learned so much along the way. These reports highlight the impact data we collected on the housing deals closed so far, share case studies, and take a look into the future.

Housing Readiness Report

Find out if your city is ready to tackle the housing affordability crisis with the Housing Readiness Report. Get the resources and data to track, monitor, and get involved in your city’s housing plans and policies to ensure equitable racial and economic outcomes.

Opportunity to Purchase Campaign Playbook

One critical solution to strengthen our communities and protect tenants from losing their homes is the Opportunity to Purchase Act, which is designed to give tenants a shot at owning their homes when the current owner is ready to sell. This playbook provides the building blocks and insights about what it takes to run a successful campaign.

Emergency Interim Housing Report

Emergency Interim Housing (EIH) is a promising model being deployed by homeless response systems across the nation. This report highlights some of the considerations homeless response systems, service providers, and communities should consider when
building or expanding EIH.

Shift the Bay – Advancing Housing and Racial Justice

Research-driven and field-practiced strategies, tactics, and messages that can help us grow public support and political will, that can change hearts and minds, and seize this powerful moment to drive new narratives for our movement.


Evictorbook is a tool to support housing organizers and tenants in researching properties, landlords, and the webs of corporate ownership behind them. The site identifies serial evictors, their shell companies, properties in their portfolio, and suspicious eviction patterns. The tool is currently active for Oakland and San Francisco with plans to expand to other cities in the Bay Area.

Tenant Power Toolkit

The Tenant Power Toolkit is a platform provides tools to help individuals combat evictions and address rent debt, linking tenants with legal resources and tenants’ rights groups. It’s housing justice work informs collective action campaigns and public policy.

Bay Area Equity Atlas

The Bay Area Equity Atlas is a comprehensive data support system to track the state of equity across the region and equip community leaders with data to inform solutions for inclusive prosperity.

Bay Area Recovery Dollars Tracker

Get the full picture of how the Bay Area used federal COVID recovery dollars to support communities of color that have been the most harmed by the pandemic, and what our elected leaders must do now to ensure the resilient equitable future that people in our region and state deserve.

Five Ways Funders Can Catalyze Affordable Housing Preservation

This issue brief explores preservation as a strategy to achieve housing equity goals, especially when rooted in community ownership models. It also highlights the impact funders can have on the preservation ecosystem, by funding urgent community needs, while providing the patient investment needed to build long-term systems grounded in racial equity.

Housing Elements Policy Priorities

PBF and Community Planning Collaborative in consultation with government leaders, housing policy experts, and communities have compiled a list of equitable housing priorities for you to send to your local jurisdiction to consider incorporating in its housing elements.

SFF Is All In On Housing

San Francisco Foundation’s diverse array of housing-focused programs, grantmaking, investments and initiatives to create large-scale, long-term solutions to tackling the Bay Area’s housing crisis.