Hannah Groce

Hannah (she/her) was born and raised in the Bay Area and is dedicated to ensuring it remains a diverse and inclusive place for people of all backgrounds. Her interests and career have centered around educational, economic, and criminal justice reform and how that intersects with housing policy and place-keeping, especially for historically marginalized groups. Her work with citizens returning from incarceration has informed her understanding and commitment to improving access to affordable housing for all and demonstrated the ways housing stability can interrupt recidivism and how some current policies encourage it. Prior to the fellowship she worked in the East Bay cities of Alameda and Oakland at their respective housing authorities where she worked to protect affordable housing. Her interests outside of work include politics, hiking beautiful trails, British tea service, and spending time with her family and friends eating delicious food. Hannah holds a BA in African American Studies and Classics from Mount Holyoke College and also attended Howard University. She also serves on the board of the Mount Holyoke Club of Northern California and as the East Bay Alumna Representative for the Mount Holyoke Admissions office where she interviews prospective students and represents the college at local events.