North Richmond’s Redevelopment Puts Community First

During the recent 2024 Housing California Conference, PBF’s Policy Fund team in North Richmond led an illuminating discussion that showcased their transformative approach to affordable housing. Led by our PBF Policy Fund Fellow, Hannah Phalen, the panel included team partners from the Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa (HACCC), Community Housing Development Corporation … Read more

Richmond’s Groundbreaking Community-Centric Policy for Public Land

On March 19th, the Richmond City Council took a historic step forward by unanimously adopting the Equitable Public Land Disposition Policy. This pioneering policy charts a new course for developing affordable housing on city-owned land, embodying the city’s commitment to inclusivity and sustainability, and reflecting the core objectives of Partnership for the Bay’s Future. The … Read more

Shaping The Future of Housing Through Community-Driven Innovations

In a groundbreaking effort to tackle the affordable housing crisis, the City of Antioch, through the support of the Partnership for the Bay’s Future (PBF) Policy Grants, has embarked on a journey that may well serve as a beacon for cities nationwide. The recently published report, “Community-Driven Housing Solutions in Antioch,” details this transformative initiative, … Read more

San Jose’s Bold Move: Embracing Emergency Interim Housing

The City of San Jose took a groundbreaking step in October when the City Council unanimously passed a declaration to expand Emergency Interim Shelters (EIH). The city’s policy stems from the recommendations from the Emergency Interim Housing Report, a testament to the city’s commitment to innovative solutions in addressing homelessness. The report, prepared by Homebase with … Read more

Lived Experience Leads Housing in Antioch

Antioch is making residents with lived experience the priority in developing affordable housing solutions. Coming together through a Policy Grant awarded by the Partnership for the Bay’s Future (PBF), the City of Antioch, Hope Solutions, and Multi-Faith ACTION Coalition (MFAC) are working in partnership to develop two policies: leveraging unused faith-owned land to build affordable … Read more

A Path to Revitalize A North Richmond Affordable Housing Neighborhood

Las Deltas Public Housing once represented a robust public affordable housing program, making up 20% of the small, unincorporated community of North Richmond’s housing stock. But after decades of unsuccessful attempts to bring in additional financial resources, the project was decommissioned in 2020. The unfortunate result was not only that residents had to be relocated, … Read more