Saving Affordable Housing One Building at a Time

What if efforts were made to maintain housing affordability before prices got out of hand? What if developers worked to proactively get in front of gentrification? A local non-profit wants to find out

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Aysha Pamukcu and Evita Chávez

Relationships Drive Progress and Knowledge Sharing Among Challenge Grant Cohort

The Challenge Grant cohort came together for its fourth quarterly convening to share learnings from policy efforts in tenant protection and affordable housing preservation.

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Karen Camacho

Challenge Grant Spotlight: East Palo Alto

The East Palo Alto Challenge Grant team reflects on progress and lessons learned in advancing local housing justice policies, highlighting the importance of adaptation and partnerships.

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Tiffany Manuel, Michael McAfee, and Ruby Bolaria Shifrin

Partnership Featured in Shelterforce – Moving from the Inequitable Housing System We Have to the Housing System We Need

America’s housing system was never just built to create housing. It was designed to maintain racially and economically segregated neighborhoods and rests on a long legacy of inequity.

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Anna Cash

Challenge Grant Spotlight: Berkeley

The Berkeley Challenge Grant team shares progress and lessons learned in advancing local housing justice policies, including ongoing work on a TOPA and a housing preference policy.

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Khanh Russo

How Does the Proposed 2021 California Budget Address the Housing and Homelessness Crisis?

A lot of California's focus will continue to be on economic recovery and administering the COVID-19 vaccine, which are critical issues facing our state. But, housing will always be a priority.

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